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Demonstrating Confidence and Competence

Demonstrating Confidence and Competence

Confident leaders show their self-control and resilience. They don’t get discouraged when there is a setback or mistake. They encourage followers who need direction or motivation. Leaders are the people who team members will turn for help. Team members expect their leaders to be knowledgeable about and able to accomplish tasks. Competent leaders make sound, logical decisions and guide their teams through uncertainty.

Seeking Diverse Points of View

When you lead by example, you want to encourage honest communication and be open to new ideas. Be willing to consider alternatives to solve problems. Leading isn’t about being right all the time or having all of the answers. People you don’t like might have good ideas or a fresh perspective.


Influential leaders know the importance of good communication. Your communication skills are about more than just giving information. It’s about having the skills to lead, build your team, and mentor.

Listening Actively

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