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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Dear Parents and Guardians,

JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp Parent & Guardian Handbook

Thank you for sending your JLBC Cadet child/children to JLBC Camp Commission and management to Junior Leadership Bootcamp. The JLBC will strive to make the experience safe and fun while providing opportunities to grow in leadership.

Case you can help us make the time at JLBC- Junior Leadership Bootcamp the best it can be by reading these pages of our blog or handbook and following the guidelines.

JLBC Payment and Registration Forms:

All cadets are encouraged to register as early as possible to plan JLBC camp programs, staffing, and purchasing as efficiently as possible. Cadets, please register online, then pay online or mail at least a $50 deposit to JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp as soon as possible, followed by full payment, medical forms, and Cadet liability release forms at least two weeks before the start of camp. All records are available at

Junior Leadership Bootcamp welcomes all cadets. Cadets While every effort will be made to assure that all children and youth have a camp experience at JLBC, registrations received after the camp's capacity is reached or received less than three weeks before the start of the indicated JLBC camp session may be declined or put on a waiting list. Please call (951) 567-9273 if you register late, and the JLBC camp's management will work with you.

JLBC Scholarships:

The JLBC Commission has funds available for scholarships; however, they are constrained and should be applied for before June 15. The application form is online at or call (951) 567-9273. Junior Leadership Bootcamp will not offer full scholarships in 2022. At least $50.00 of each JLBC cadet's fees must be paid from sources other than the JLBC Scholarship fund. Thus, those needing JLBC assistance are encouraged to reach out to other sources such as family members, community, churches organizations, etc., before applying to JLBC.

Medical Information:

JLBC's medical form has three parts.

Part A, the Cadets Health History, must be completed and signed by a JLBC cadet's parent or guardian within 95 days of the first day that the training will be at JLBC.

Part B is the cadet's immunization record. Due to Department of Human Services regulations, JLBC will only accept immunization records on the Department of Public Health and Environment's required form. If a cadet's records are not on the necessary form, a parent or guardian should copy the documents onto the necessary form in the JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp Health History packet, leaving the signature spaces blank.

Please provide a copy of your cadet's medical insurance card (front and back) with the JLBC medical forms.

JLBC Part C must be completed and signed by a licensed medical provider and a guardian or parent. State law requires cadets to be examined by a licensed physician or qualified, certified nurse practitioner within the preceding 24 months before JLBC; however, to assure that all cadet information is current, especially cadets' medications, etc., the medical provider's review should be within 90 days of the first day that the JLBC cadet will be at Junior Leadership Bootcamp.


California Resident Standards require all cadet medications (prescription, over-the-counter, homeopathic, herbal, etc.) and food supplements (including vitamins, nutrient bars, etc.) be retained and administered by the JLBC camp medical personnel and that they are prescribed by a health care provider (listed on the Recommendations of Licensed Medical Provider form). Medications or food supplements of any type.

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