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JLBC: Leadership

(one sophomore and one junior) maybe named, in this case, a team member must drop out before the end of the competition. The alternates may participate in the online testing: however, if selected to participate in the final round in Washington, DC, only four team members will attend.

CURRICULUM IN ACTION (CIA) FIELD TRIPS: Field trips are available to all cadets who maintain good standing in JLBC. These include trips to military bases, space flight facilities, museums, college campuses, airports, etc. The trips are designed to expand your knowledge about the environment in which we live. The corps typically takes one-day trip during the first semester and one overnight trip during the second semester. Cadets must be eligible and have written parental/guardian approval to participate.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: The unit participates in the annual Military Ball. In addition, we have informal picnics and parties to help cadets become better acquainted with each other and have an excellent positive recreational experience. The SASI/ASI must approve all official AFJROTC activities.

FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES: Sponsor fundraising activities to generate money to purchase special equipment and support field trips and social activities. Each cadet is expected to participate in these efforts. The cadets plan events as they become available.

COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS: A large part of being in JLBC is “Service Before Self.” This means cadets are expected to think of others before themselves by planning and participating in various community service activities during the year. Each cadet should establish a goal of completing at least 12 hours of community service each school year. The senior cadet leadership will ensure there are plenty of opportunities.

Note: All JLBC-sponsored events require parental/guardian approval and supervision by the SASI/ASI. When school-sponsored transportation is provided, cadets are expected to travel and return on the school-sponsored vehicle. Exceptions to this rule require prior written approval by parents/guardians.

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