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Creating your Goal Anchor (GA) is a powerful technique

Creating your Goal Anchor (GA) is a powerful technique to help expedite achieving your goals. Essentially, a GA is a specific touch, gesture, or word that, when triggered, elicits feelings of joy, gratitude, and a sense of limitless possibility. It's a bookmark for a desired consistency you can access any time you need to reinforce and emotionally empower your goals.

Step 1: Begin by reflecting on moments in your past when you experienced deep, sincere gratitude, unadulterated happiness, or a sense of infinite possibility. These should be experiences that you'd rate as "10 out of 10" in terms of positive emotions. While recalling such moments may be challenging for some, everyone has experienced them at one point or another.

Step 2: Write down as many of these emotionally-charged experiences as you can remember. Describe each experience briefly. For instance, you could note, "The day I won the school tennis match at 11 years old."

Step 3: From your list, choose the top three experiences that evoke the most potent positive emotional energy, crossing out the others.

Step 4: Engage deeply with each of the three chosen memories. Recall the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings you experienced during those moments, immersing yourself fully in each recollection.

Step 5: Out of these three, select the one that encompasses the highest level of gratitude, happiness, and positivity. Cross off the other two.

Step 6: Concentrate on the chosen experience, recalling it in more detail. Allow yourself to fully relive the memory and let the feelings of joy, gratitude, fulfillment, or limitless possibility build within you.

Step 7: At the height of these positive emotions, establish your Goal Anchor. Touch your thumb and first finger together and squeeze gently. This is now your GA that you can trigger whenever you contemplate your goals.

When thinking about your goals, triggering your GA should elicit the powerful emotions connected to your chosen experience. This technique is highly effective and can be used whenever you recite affirmations or visualize your goals.

This simple tool is tremendously valuable, whether your objectives are small or monumental, short-term or long-term. The GA can serve as a profound ally on your journey toward success, reinforcing your emotional connection to your goals and aiding in their attainment.

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