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Congratulations on becoming a JLBC senior.

Congratulations on becoming a JLBC senior. This is a particular year, the culmination of your JLBC cadet experience. Still, it is also one that comes with the most significant responsibility in helping to shape the JLBC Program. JLBC Cadets, this is the year where you will leave your influence on the JLBC Program, be the JLBC role model for the JLBC cadets that look up to you and want to be just like you. The most incredible privilege afforded to seniors at JLBC is that of leading other JLBC cadets. JLBC Cadets, you have earned this privilege. Safeguard it and build on it. This JLBC leadership journey has been one of learning and growing, training your JLBC replacement, and taking care of your JLBC Cadets, regardless of the position or rank you hold now or have held in the past. You observed those before you and watched their failures and Successes. You have already encountered new challenges and new experiences and have achieved successes and failures just as your presiding JLBC cadets. Learn from those, and know your JLBC position and the expectations of being a senior JLBC cadet in the Corps. No source will give you all the answers you will need, but this “JLBC Guide to Being a Cadet Officer at The JLBC” will help get you started.

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