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Anytime you cast a vision, you must create a connection between the past, the present, and the future. You must bring them together. What is the best method to move forward? Tell stories! Tell stories from the past that identify history. Tell stories about the exciting things that are happening now among JLBC team members. Tell them your story of what it will be like the day the team fulfills the mission.

A Compass (Look forward). If one progresses confidently in the direction of their goals, the endeavors to live the life they have imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in the standard hours. This brings targets to the vision.

A strategic compass (evaluates the surroundings). A mission won't do the team much good without steps to accomplish it. Vision without strategy is little more than daydreams. The system's value is that it brings the process to the idea. It identifies resources and mobilizes members of the team. People need more than information and inspiration. They need instruction on what to do to make the vision become a reality and a way to get there. A strategy provides that.

A visionary Compass (Look Beyond). The team's vision must look beyond current circumstances and any obvious shortcomings of current teammates to see the group's potential. A genuinely great idea says what JLBC team members can become if they live out their worth and work according to their fullest potential. Without a challenge, many individuals tend to fall or fade away. You must have a long-range mission to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures.

If you can confidently measure your team's mission according to compasses, and you find all of them aligned in the right direction, then your team has a reasonably good chance of success.

The Bad Apple

A bad apple spoils the bushed.

I learned that skill is not enough to bring success to a team from my growing up days. Of course, you need talent. But talent alone is not enough.

Players' good attitudes do not guarantee a team's success, but bad attitudes guarantee failure.

The five truths about attitudes clarify how they affect a team and teamwork.

Attitudes Have the Power to Lift or Tear Down a Team.

Abilities +

Great Talent + Great Talent + Great Talent + Great Talent +


Rotten Attitudes Bad Attitudes Average Attitude Good Attitudes

= Results

= Bad Team

= Average Team = Good Team

= Great Team

You need good individuals with great talent and awesome attitudes if you want outstanding results. When confidence goes up, so does the imaginable outcome of the JLBC team. When motivation goes down, the potential of the JLBC team goes with it.

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