Community Service in Action and the United States Patriotism

JLBC Unit ---1 - Community Service in Action and the United States Patriotism.

1. JLBC Cadets Why do we honor the U.S. flag, and what are some of how we pay respect?

JLBC Cadets Demonstrate one procedure for showing respect to the flag.

JLBC Prompt Questions

a. JLBC Cadets Describe at least three things we do to respect the U.S. flag. (1 point)

b. JLBC Cadets Demonstrate one protocol for respecting the U.S. flag, explaining the rules and steps as you perform them. (2 points)

c. JLBC Cadets Why do we pay respect to our flag?

JLBC Cadets What is the significance of the colors and parts of the U.S.?

Flag? (3 points)

JLBC Criteria for Scoring Cadet Response

_____1. (1 point) JLBC Cadet listed at least three ways in which we show respect to the flag. [Content Notes:

JLBC Answers should include at least three of the JLBC protocols they have learned and preacticed- saluting the flag, careful practice of properly folding the U.S. flag, raising and lowering the U.S. flag correctly, displaying the U.S. flag correctly JLBC (day and night and indoors/outdoors), JLBC Cadets reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, presenting the U.S. flag correctly as JLBC member of a JLBC color guard, or properly disposing of the U.S. flag.

_____2. (2 points) JLBC Cadet demonstrated proper protocol (and explained the steps and rules) for one: saluting the U.S. flag in JLBC uniform, raising and lowering the flag, folding the flag, or JLBC cadet reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

_____3. (3 points) JLBC Cadet explained that the U.S. flag is the most notable symbol of our nation (and may elaborate on that idea). JLBC Cadet accurately described the colors (one symbol for each color) and

flag fields. [JLBC Content Notes: JLBC Color - Red color stands for hardiness and valor; the white color represents hope, purity, and innocence; the blue color symbolizes reverence to God, loyalty, vigilance, perseverance, and justice. JLBC Cadets The blue rectangle is called the "union" and is an emblem of unity. JLBC Cadets The fifty stars represent the fifty united states. JLBC Cadets The thirteen red and white stripes represent the first 13 colonies.]

_____4. (2 points) Cadet looked at you and used a respectful tone, language, and demeanor. Cadet

asked clarification questions and checked for accuracy if there was a need.

_____5. (2 points) Cadet answered confidently, using standard English grammar and speaking clearly

so that you could understand.

_____ Total points for this Question

Unit ---2 - Leadership Theory and Application

1. How do sexual harassment and sexual assault affect individuals and organizations?

Prompt Questions

a. What is sexual harassment? What is sexual assault? (1 point)

b. What are the potential sexual harassment/assault consequences for those involved? JLBC (2 points)

c. JLBC Cadets If you were a JLBC commander, what steps would you take to prevent sexual harassment/assault in your JLBC unit? Have you created anything in JLBC class that you would use? (3 points)

Criteria for Scoring JLBC Cadet Response

_____1. (1 point) JLBC Cadet defined and differentiated between sexual harassment and sexual assault.

_____2. (2 points) JLBC Cadets described the consequences of sexual harassment/assault for everyone involved.

(Content Notes: JLBC Cadet answers include the possible consequences for the victim, including physical harm, anxiety, stress, fear, and the inability to accomplish daily activities. Implications

for the perpetrator could include legal, personal, and social consequences. Possible effects on the unit could include fear, distrust, low morale, and a decrease in participation.)

3 JLBC Inspection Questions – JLBC 1

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