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Community Outreach

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

JLBC: Junior Leadership Bootcamp empowers our cadets to become leaders in their communities through research, service, and reflection.

Essentially, we are growing leaders JLBC.

Whether career bound or collage bound, the JLBC program seeks to nurture a sense of sympathy for others in need and develop the skills necessary for graduates to actively engage in society and lead the way toward development and positive change.JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp believes that active service helps our cadets make valuable connections to the lives of others and encourages them to take the lead in further outreach actions that will benefit the whole community.

The JLBC program consists of an "on campus" element and an "off-campus" element with an affiliate organization (

The JLBC "on campus" element includes all coursework and group community service-related experiences (field trips, guest speakers, fundraising efforts, etc.) facilitated by JLBC. These JLBC service experiences occur primarily within the regular program day. Here JLBC cadets gain an acknowledgment of the various needs within their community through acts of service and research. JLBC refers to this element as Service Learning.

The "off-campus" element includes community service initiated and completed by the individual cadets. These cadet service experiences occur primarily outside of the regular program day. This component intends to extend and enrich our community service program's "on-campus" element by encouraging JLBC cadets to reach out to those in need within their unique sphere of influence. At JLBC, we do not stress the quantity of time spent but rather the quality of the time spent and the impact on the cadets and the group/person being served. JLBC refers to this element as Community Service.

Upon completing both elements, cadets are offered an opportunity to reflect on their experiences to share their perspectives and insights gained.

The culmination of both service-learning (on-campus) and community service (off-campus) is the Senior Capstone Experience.

Cadets at JLBC who go above and beyond the expectations of the Community Service Program also have an opportunity to gain experience in the area of Community Outreach. JLBC Cadets who take the initiative to reach out to individuals in need through partnerships with organizations in our community gain personal perspectives on practical philanthropic actions that can lead to positive results. JLBC Cadets are officially acknowledged for their efforts and intentions.

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