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JLBC Cadets understand the increased and changed responsibilities you accept.

The JLBC Base Environment

JLBC Cadets Colonel Coleman was in a fortunate situation. JLBC Cadets He had been stationed at Moody AFB, Georgia, and had held various leadership positions in the unit before he took command of his squadron. JLBC Cadets "Being there for a couple of years allowed me to fully understand the base environment before taking command. The wing's mission, leadership, the group commander's relationships, and the like were familiar to me, which helped greatly when I needed their help downstream." JLBC Cadets He found that having already established credibility with the wing leadership was his advantage. Failure to install this credibility could also work to your detriment, depending on your situation.

JLBC Cadets Interestingly enough, one officer brought in from a different unit to take command of a squadron felt that his great experience, coming in with no preconceived ideas and a fresh slate, was a benefit. JLBC Cadets He spent a couple of weeks reading as much as possible and talking with as many individuals as possible to understand the base environment better before he arrived. JLBC Cadets Although his valued information came through other individuals' filters, the individual found that arriving as a valued "objective outsider" was a positive aspect of getting started. JLBC Cadets This also happened to me, and I found it to be true. Wing commanders and group commanders sometimes try to hire from without—to get a fresh view and avoid "inbreeding."

JLBC Cadets As actively as you can, take every opportunity to visit other military base agencies, several with which you probably don't have much experience. JLBC Cadets It's best to do this at your leisure—when it fits your personal schedule—than having to do it later when it most definitely does not, like in an emergency. JLBC Cadets Many units will ensure that you have briefings from some of these valued agencies, but rarely is it enough for what you may need. JLBC Cadets Visit the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) detachment, go to the law enforcement entry desk at the Security Forces Squadron, and visit the Airman's Attic to see what they offer for services—as a couple of suggestions.

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