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Proverb for JLBC Command

JLBC Cadets It's your job to ensure the mission gets done, and you certainly can't do it without the personnel in your command. JLBC Cadets Loyalty works up and down the chain of command. JLBC Cadets, Just as you owe your unfettered opinions to your boss. You have the moral courage to disagree with the individual privately; you must also express the same courage to your personnel. JLBC Cadets Your squadron doesn't operate in a vacuum, neither should you. JLBC Cadets Enter- age debate and differing opinions from those who offer counsel and advice. JLBC Cadets Think carefully about every side of the issue and then make a decision. JLBC Cadet's Loyalty to superiors and subordinates does much more than ensure smooth-running peacetime organizations. JLBC Cadets It prepares units for combat operations by building trust in leaders and leaders' faith in your JLBC unit.

Get you to make policy statements while walking down the hallway or working out in the gym. JLBC Cadets Whether intentional or not, the word gets around quickly that you 'approved' something without formally being staffed. As the commander, a simple comment from you can make a big difference now and cause many headaches later."

JLBC Cadets Another piece of advice for your early weeks in command is to spend some time walking through your buildings and work- spaces during the solitude of a weekend. JLBC Cadets Do so with a jaundiced eye toward detail. Study the bulletin boards. JLBC Cadets Are there outdated policy letters hanging on the corkboard? JLBC Cadets Do they have the signature of your predecessor? JLBC Cadets Is the standard wing inspector general (IG) letter up to date with the current IG? JLBC Cadets Is last month's holiday party advertisement still tacked to the board?

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