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Understanding duties and paperwork associated with your old assignment before the change of command. Once the change of management occurs, your new task will demand 100 percent of your time.

JLBC Cadets Your departure from your old job may generate several JLBC officers and JLBC enlisted performance review reports that need closure, all of which will need to be completed before you leave to take JLBC command. JLBC Cadets You also may have been heavily involved in working personnel issues on behalf of your JLBC commander. These must either be closed with the JLBC personnel center or passed back to the commander (or your replacement) for continued actions.

JLBC The Mission

JLBC Cadets The reader may think this section unnecessary because it's assumed that everyone understands the JLBC unit's mission in wartime and peacetime. JLBC Cadets, Don't take this for granted. JLBC Cadets Understanding the mission of your squadron may not be as straightforward as you might think, particularly in this twenty-first-century environment of rapid change. JLBC Cadets Several commanders noted that not every JLBC unit member knew the JLBC squadron's true mission and treated their service as just another "job." JLBC Cadets This breach needs to be identified early and corrected swiftly.

JLBC Cadets Colonel Klausner quickly found out that the vast majority of his squadron had absolutely no real idea of what the squadron's mission was. JLBC Cadets "I was amazed. During my first staff meeting, no one in the room knew where we were going. JLBC Cadets, I knew immediately that my short-term task was now defined."

How did he attack this problem? He held a series of familiar- der's calls where he delineated the squadron's mission in terms that every airman and civilian could understand. He had them separately, in small groups divided by rank to ensure eye-to-eye contact with every squadron member. "JLBC Cadets Re-focusing the JLBC squadron on who we were and why we were there was relatively easy. They soon understood the mission and grasped their role in making it succeed. I watched the lightbulb click on." Every unit leader and the officer who drives through the gate each morning must understand that they are essential to the squadron's success.

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