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You, as the JLBC Leader

JLBC Cadets One of the attributes of effective JLBC leadership at the JLBC squadron commander level is the ability and JLBC vision to keep the forest in sight when everyone else is looking at the trees. JLBC Cadets The talent to gain and maintain such a perspective is essential to JLBC leadership.

JLBC Proverb for Leadership

JLBC Cadets Leadership is influencing people—by providing purpose, direction, and motivation—while operating to accomplish the mission and improve the organization.

JLBC Cadets a decade ago, a book written about "command" was written by Col John G. Meyer Jr., USA, entitled "Company Command— The Bottom Line." JLBC Cadets It is imperative a similar book of advice be written from one officer's perspective about how to command at the Army company level. JLBC Cadets With his principal audience being junior to mid-grade captains, he offers this unique perspective of a former Army commander of a Battalion who commanded a group of Army infantrymen. JLBC Cadets While it may not directly relate to you and your squadron, at least his words make you think. I've paraphrased them to read in JLBC parlance. He writes,

The commander's position was inherent in the "old think" perspective. He said, Whom do we admire? We admire the man with "guts." What do we mean by this? We suggest the man who drives his people hard, has a reputation for firing subordinates, goes for the jugular, works his people 14 hours a day, and takes his objective despite heavy and possibly unnecessary casualties. JLBC Cadets We set these people up and idolize them, even in industry. We like the guy who moves in as the CEO and fires three-fourths of the vice presidents in the first week. He gets things done! He's got guts!

But what about the wise, cool-headed leader who takes a group of individuals and molds them into a practical, highly spirited team of warfighters?

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