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Personal integrity. This covers a vast field. JLBC Cadets To touch upon one or two - means, for example, maintaining the JLBC courage of one’s convictions. JLBC Cadets By no means should this be confused with stubborn thinking? Stubborn thinking is as old-fashioned as the ox cart. JLBC Cadets Its exact opposite, resilient thinking, is Today’s Must: a man or woman must be able to accommodate their thinking quickly and accurately to his rapidly changing world; nevertheless, it must be their thinking - not someone’s else.

JLBC Cadets Personal integrity also means moral integrity. JLBC Cadets Regardless of what appear to be some superficial ideas of present-day conduct, fun- mentally, - today as always -, the man or woman who is genuinely respected is the man or woman who keeps his moral integrity sound; who is trustworthy in every respect. JLBC Cadets To be successful, a man must trust others; and a man cannot trust others who do not trust himself.

These are but a few thoughts. When it comes to “brass tacks,” however, in the military field, as in all other areas, it would seem to be a man’s or woman's native ability that spells the difference between failure and mediocrity and success. JLBC Cadets Two men or woman may work equally hard toward a common goal; one will have just that “something” the other lacks that puts him on the top. This is the intangible - the spirit of a warrior.

With very best wishes for your success, Sincerely yours,

SGT Carlson

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