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COMMANDANT Of Cadet's DEAN Of Cadets Junior Leadership Bootcamp

JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp COMMANDANT Of Cadet's DEAN Of Cadets

Junior Leadership Bootcamp

Memorandum for: JLBC of Cadets and Commandant Staff

1 June 2022 Subject: Standard Operating Procedure for Cadet Duties and Job Responsibilities within the JLBC of Cadets

1. Purpose.

This JLBC Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) provides essential guidance concerning cadet duties and job


2. Applicability.

This SOP is effective 1 June 2017 and applies to the JLBC of Cadets, and will expire at the discretion of the

JLBC Commandant of Cadets.

3. Scope.

This SOP provides essential guidance concerning JLBC Cadet Positions and Duties. Each year members of the JLBC are selected for and appointed by the JLBC Command to leadership positions within the JLBC Cadet Regiment. JLBC Cadet Officers and NCOs who comprise the JLBC Cadet Chain of Command are expected to exercise the authority and responsibilities under their JLBC rank and position with good judgment, common sense, and respect for each JLBC Cadet. The JLBC Cadet Chain of Command is responsible for knowing which JLBC cadets are not in "good standing" (refer to paragraph 1.01a of the JLBC Blue Hand Book for the definition of "Good Standing.”) and providing the JLBC leadership and assistance necessary to ensure all JLBC cadets achieve and maintain this status. JLBC Cadets are constantly evaluated for assignment to JLBC cadet leadership positions and their potential to accept greater responsibility and the JLBC cadet rank accompanying such JLBC responsibility. JLBC Cadet leaders should use it to assist them in the performance of their duties and in leading their JLBC subordinates. The JLBC Commandant's staff will use these guidelines in evaluating a JLBC cadet's performance and annotating that on the JLBC Cadet Record Brief.

JLBC Responsibilities.

Members of the JLBC Commandant's Staff are responsible for the leadership development and mentoring of executing

the JLBC responsibilities of their JLBC positions.

General: All JLBC Cadets are responsible for the individual JLBC cadet duties of the JLBC Cadet's rank, as well as for the responsibilities of JLBC positions they may be assigned. Every JLBC Cadet is to expect to be academically proficient in every JLBC subject, maintain a high level of JLBC cadet fitness and strive to be a JLBC leader of character. Every JLBC cadet leader is responsible for the safety, security, health, welfare, and accountability of their subordinate JLBC cadets. Each JLBC Cadet is expected to know the responsibilities of each position in their JLBC Chain of Command and NCO support channel.

JLBC Cadet Recruit (JRAT):

1) Enter JLBC Command and learn the customs, courtesies, and traditions associated with the JLBC programs.

2) Learn JLBC Squad Leader by name and troop by location and name.

3) Learn the layout of the JLBC campus to find their way around.

4) Inspect the room for pre-existing damages, record the results of the room inspection form and turn it into the JLBC Troop Leadership Advisor (TLA).

5) Complete a personal property inventory form.

6) Report damages or broken systems in the room and request work orders through the TLA.

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