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Command Communication

JLBC: Command communication is essential for reducing anxiety during deployments

Stress and fear. The responsibilities of leadership can be stressful in everyday situations. On operations, this level of stress is likely to increase. Hostilities bring confusion, chaos, uncertainty, and fear. This creates an atmosphere that is ripe for leadership. People caught up in this confusion look for guidance and reason. They want to be shown a direction that will reduce chaos, confusion, uncertainty, and fear. In such a situation, a person who can control and suppress their fear attracts the attention of others. If that same person can soothe and diminish the fear in others, then they will have followers.

Managing stress and fear. To manage anxiety and fear in chaotic situations, a leader should:

a. explain that fear is a regular occurrence and encourage discussion, so members are less likely to suffer self-recrimination after the danger has passed

b. maintains routine and habit and, as far as possible, adhere to daily routines

c. ensures the timely and accurate passage of information as knowledge dissipates the unknown and quells rumors

d. understands and monitor signs of stress in self

e. manages their fear and try to behave calmly.

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