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comfort zone

Do you ever think about your dreams—and then suddenly realize you’re unsure how to step outside your comfort zone to make them happen? Do you ever feel nervous about your goals—then whittle them down to something more “practical” or “doable”?

If so, your response is expected. The bad news is that this “normal” response keeps so many people from ever going for what they truly want in life.

You see, stepping outside your comfort zone is so important because that’s where your dreams come alive!

To go for your goals, it is critical to learn how to turn your big goals into a NEW comfort zone (instead of whittling down your plans to fit them into your current comfort level).

The secret is understanding how your mind actually functions and taking action so that your brain is working for your full potential and not against your goals.

Your comfort zone plays an essential part in your life to make your dreams a reality.

Your comfort zone is an established thinking pattern that is “recorded” in your brain via neural pathways.

Neural pathways are connections in your brain created each time you learn something new or have a unique experience. They are strengthened when you experience that same situation repeatedly.

The more you experience something or think about something, the stronger those neural pathways become. This repetition creates your habits, thought patterns, and comfort zone.

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