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Collaborative Action

Collaborative action is widely recognized as a positive influence for teamwork in any organization or institution to succeed. Teams enable individuals to empower themselves and increase benefits from cooperative work engaged as a group. Getting together with others can also allow individuals to understand better the importance of teamwork and how the organizations operate and promote the culture of teamwork success.

Employers stress the need for employing those (Employees) who can work with a well-adjusted team, and they (Employers) generally speak of teamwork when they want to emphasize the need for various talents possessed by different employees. The organizations, however, coordinate the employees into other teams, such as management teams, production teams, etc.

A corporation is a social unit of individuals that is structured and managed to meet a need or pursue collective goals. A Corporation is a systematic arrangement of people to accomplish the same purpose. Every Corporation is composed of three elements, i.e., people, plans, and systems. The objective is expressed as goals generally. Each corporation has a systematic structure that defines members. Some members are managers, and some are agents., An Corporation is a social body whose mission is focused on deliberately structured activity systems with a preliminary boundary. Productivity is the rate at which an organization, employer, or country produces goods and the amount paid compared with how much time, work, and money is needed to make them.

Productivity is about how people combine resources such as raw materials, labor, skills, capital, equipment, land, intellectual property, managerial capability, and financial means to produce goods and services.

Teamwork involves reshaping how work is performed. This includes corporation employees into teams based on a particular product, each group performing a specific task. These teams are given accountability and are expected to work with flexibility, understand or know how teamwork in the organization has and can contribute to improved products. The impact of teamwork on corporate productivity involves internal and external factors that contribute to productivity. The internal factors have to do with ground rules, team norms, interpersonal and rational skills, or qualities that determine how individual teams will function. The external factors are the Corporate culture, systems, and structures within which all groups perform to assess the level of teamwork within an organization. Various other measures of organizational productivity are also included in the research study, which are esprit de corps (Team Spirit), team trust, and recognition & rewards.


Whether large or small, every organization struggles to acquire productivity for success and maintain a reputation in this present world of organizational competition. It is the wish of Corporations to see the input they use (resources) and the output (goods and services produced) they have at the end.

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