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Collaborations with Local Charities

JLBC will be working to create collaborations with local charities to create a consistent base of opportunities from which cadets can choose to dedicate their time and make it easier for them to get started. However, cadets will not be limited to charities working directly with JLBC and can choose to volunteer their time with any charity holding a 501c3 status.

Cadets and parents volunteered time to fix up a run-down room used for classes. Volunteer tasks have a massive range from stuffing envelopes for an essential cause to unloading a truckload of bottled water in a disaster zone and from providing home care for the elderly to piloting a plane to make sure a needy medical patient gets to a distant location for treatment.

Volunteers serve communities as volunteer firefighters, man hotlines such as those for domestic violence and sexual assault organizations, and participate in search and rescue activities. Aid in disaster relief by getting crucial supplies where they need to be, delivering meals to the homeless, and providing help to the helpless.

Now, finding time to volunteer these days isn't easy. So many things to get done, plenty of distractions, and not enough time keep a lot of us getting closer to the edge of "I can't do it right now." This is an entirely understandable train of thought, and I, for one, have battled with this three-part balance scale of "what I want to do," "what I should do," and "what I need to do." A common misinterpretation that may discourage some is that volunteering will take up all their free time. This, of course, is just not true. The time dedicated to any volunteering is entirely up to you. Volunteering can be as little as thirty minutes a month or five hours a day, or anything in between. You decide.

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