Classroom Procedures and Rules

Updated: Oct 29

The Junior Leadership Bootcamp instructors are responsible for developing rules and classroom procedures specific to the subject area compliant with program rules. All cadets are expected to positively contribute to the classroom environment and support the classroom structure. The teacher's regulations and procedures are included in the course syllabus.

The Junior Leadership Bootcamp guides and cadet squad leaders are responsible for reporting to the class before other cadets receive instructions from the instructor. Cadets will enter the classroom and go directly to their assigned seats. Cadets must stand behind or beside their desk at the position of attention, keeping heads and eyes looking straightforward. Once the class begins, cadets will follow the commands of the Guide or class leaders to take their seats. (Take Seats)

Classroom Procedures and Rules

The class leaders or the first cadet that observe a staff, principal, or outside guest entering the classroom will call the class to attention. Cadets will stand up, assume the position of attention, and remain to stand until instructed to do otherwise. Cadets will address the Instructor and Department staff by their military rank, i.e., Master Sergeant, Chief, Master Chief, Major, LTC, etc. Cadets will stand up and assume the position of parade rest when speaking to department staff and outside guests. Cadets must address the person they are speaking to by saying the following: Rank/Title of the person they are speaking to (i.e., 1SG Jones, MSG Smith, etc.); their name (i.e., Cadet Thomas) and then answer the question. Cadets will raise their hands and wait to be acknowledged before speaking. Cadets will not leave their seats unless given permission. Cadets will bring a pen/pencil, paper, and cadet notebook to class every day. Cadets will not enter the instructor's area (i.e., sitting behind and touching anything on the instructor's desk). Cadets will take care of all personal business before entering the classroom (i.e., going to the restroom and locker). Cadets will not chew gum, eat or drink in the class. Cadets will not horseplay at any time in the classroom. Cadets will report to class on time. Excessive tardiness will not be tolerated. Cadets will pay attention and participate in group discussions. Cadets must keep notes, handouts, and other lesson material in the cadet notebook. Cadets are encouraged to ask questions when instructions are not clear.

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