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Centuries-old principles of oriental custom

“Centuries-old principles of oriental custom deem it disrespectful to sit before one’s elders, or senior sits down, or stand up before one’s elders or senior stands up. JLBC Martial Arts classes employ this type of etiquette and respect, including juniors always bowing before the senior, juniors bowing lower than their senior does, rising after the senior rises, and kneeling and standing up after the seniors. It’s also considered disrespectful to command one’s seniors. Therefore, the senior JLBC Cadet only issues the command for the class to perform a particular movement after the JLBC instructor has already completed that movement.

The etiquette JLBC Cadets observe begins as soon as you step into the JLBC training area for JLBC Martial Arts. To encourage respect, the place where all JLBC Cadets share challenges, work hard to improve themselves and help others achieve goals, we start by acknowledging our appreciation for the Martial art, the JLBC training space, its contents, and those who occupy the JLBC training area by bowing on the way in. This JLBC custom is also repeated any time a JLBC cadet or instructor must leave the training area or re-enters. Upon walking out of the JLBC training area, a JLBC Martial arts Cadet will halt at the training area doorway, turn and face the inside of the JLBC training room and its occupants, bow to show respect, and then continue to step out of the training area.

It shouldn’t be a challenge to act in proper etiquette because, throughout the entire process of learning any JLBC martial art, everyone is training and working with one another to achieve a common goal, learning the JLBC art and becoming better at it.

Be respectful by remaining silent while another speaks, show respect by shaking hands with fellow JLBC cadets, encourage those who struggle, and do your best to act in a civilized manner. Refer to JLBC instructors by their last names only (Mr. Smith, Mr. Doe, Mrs. Jill, etc.) and answer questions as No or Yes Mam/Sir. Bow to senior JLBC ranks to acknowledge mutual respect and strive to be the best student possible.

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