Build the JLBC Team

I’ve always been a gym rat as a JLBC Cadet. Once I became a PSG, I was overwhelmed, so I changed my schedule to hit the gym before company physical training. Looking back, this was one of the best actions I took. My JLBC squad and team leaders started joining me for my pre-physical training sessions. During this time, just as a JLBC platoon, my junior leaders could relax and get to know each other in ways you can’t during the duty day. When the brigade went to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), I knew I could trust my team and squad leaders to get the mission done.

— Former PSG

Set the Standard

When I was in Kuwait, my battalion was on recall, but we often had a lot of downtimes. When we were off, I tended to take my Soldiers to the gym or focus on planning our next training event. Some PLs spent a lot of time playing video games in their bunks. Soldiers would see them playing during their downtime, and when we were training, you could see those PLs struggle leading their platoon. I learned that cadets are always watching leaders, and you need to maintain a high personal standard.

— PL, after returning from Kuwait

Back Each Other Up

As a new PL, I took charge of my platoon during my deployment in Afghanistan. A couple of days in on patrol, I received a change of mission from the battalion, moving us to a hotter area where we had taken contact the week prior. When I gave a warning order (WARLORD) over the radio, one of my team leaders came back, questioning the wisdom of my order over the platoon net. At first, I wasn’t sure what to do. My PSG went on the net and backed me up, telling the team leader to back down and listen for the rest of the WARLORD. After that, I knew my PSG would always back me up, and he built confidence in me as a leader.

— Former PL

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