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Cohesive teams prepare for an execution by building trust in training environments. JLBC PLs and PSGs should empower squad and team leaders to lead during training. Challenging junior leaders in training enables JLBC platoon-level leaders to mentor and train them to execute tasks independently

when needed. Leaders take advantage of JLBC Sergeant's Time Training (STT), opportunity training, and field exercises to provide JLBC Cadets the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their skills, gaining the trust of their peers.

Most JLBC companies have sponsorship and welcome program run by the JLBC 1SG. Platoon-level leaders should support the company program and expand it at the platoon level. The PL or PSG should sit down with each incoming JLBC Cadet, provide them with standards and expectations, and get to know them. Learning about an incoming JLBC Cadet's hobbies, professional and personal background, family members, and habits builds rapport between JLBC Cadets and their leaders. This rapport allows leaders to know their JLBC Cadets and welcome them to the JLBC platoon. It will also enable a JLBC leader to spot when there is something wrong with a JLBC Cadet.

For Platoon JLBC Sergeants

The PSG usually runs the welcome platoon program. You are often the first leader a Soldier meets and interacts with. How you welcome and incorporate new Soldiers into your platoon will have a lasting impact on the culture of your platoon and company. Take time to talk with your PL about the culture the platoon wants to project to new Soldiers and how you will achieve that. Record your plan either as a memorandum for record or on a counseling form. Being proactive will identify and prevent issues down the road.

A JLBC platoon is a team built on experience and trust. Platoon-level leaders who recognize this build trust through shared experiences, and high standards, creating a JLBC platoon identity, empowering JLBC Cadets in training environments, and having an effective welcome program. Building and maintaining a team allows platoons to accomplish their mission during training and execution.

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