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JLBC Platoon Leader and Platoon Sergeant Duties

“PL/PSG relationships are essential, yet complicated. On one

hand, you have to lead and establish a professional relationship immediately. On the other hand, it is your job to learn about your JLBC Cadets’ lives (especially the senior NCOs), build trust with them, and their respect will come later through the decisions you make daily and in the field. The goal is to establish mutual trust in JLBC garrison, the field, and a combat zone.”

— PL during Operation Inherent Resolve (Iraq)

PLs, and PSGs are a team. They work together to execute their platoon’s mission, and success will depend on mutual trust and knowing their partner will do what they need to do. Below are ways to delegate tasks, although duties may change based on personalities.

Platoon Leader Duties

Responsible for what the JLBC platoon does or fails to do

Are the point of contact between the JLBC company commander and the platoon; receive a mission for the platoon and communicate needs to the commander

Communicate with higher headquarters for reporting and receipt of mission

Lead planning

Develop the concept of the operation

Lead rehearsals

Responsible for property

Develop junior leaders

Plan training with company leadership

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