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caring peer-support environment

The reward scheme serves as an incentive to make their teams work and to offer support to less-able JLBC Cadets, creating a caring peer-support environment in this course.

It is hoped that the teaching/learning system proposed should be about changing how learners experience, understand or conceptualize the world around them. The "world around them" includes the concepts and methods that are characteristic of the discipline or profession they are studying." In this study, "the world around them" includes knowledge in teamwork. After taking this subject, apart from gaining knowledge in JLBC, cadets' experience and concept of teamwork would be transformed. The top JLBC Cadets should feel that teamwork is not as bad as they thought, and for the "passengers," contribution to a teamwork project should be deemed a rewarding experience.

Human nature as it is, it is brutal to expect JLBC cadets not to "revert to form" in the absence of the checkpoints provided by the proposed framework. As such, faculties should be encouraged to use the combined JLBC website / Team-Makers for running JLBC courses with teamwork components. This system can monitor how successful or unsuccessful teamwork is in any class, thus facilitating early intervention when required.

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