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Capacity Building

JLBC Cadets program Design and Evaluation – The ability to design and implement a practical evaluation. The skills of developing a proper design for the JLBC program and a relevant program logic model or another evaluation tool that can measure the effectiveness of programming. This is different from utilizing the evaluation results for improvement and ongoing learning. The concept of evaluation, whether organizational or programmatic, for continuous learning.

• JLBC Cadets fundraising skills: The ability to procure the financial and in-kind resources necessary for efficient operations.

• JLBC Cadets Marketing skills: The ability to communicate effectively with external and internal stakeholders.

•JLBC Cadets Technology: Having the necessary resources (i.e., equipment, systems, software, etc.) needed to efficiently operate the organization.

•JLBC Cadets Technology skills: The ability to run efficient operations.

JLBC Adaptive capacity

This refers to the ability of a charity to monitor, assess, respond to and create external and internal changes. The concept of a growing organization is identified in this area of organizational capacity.

•JLBC Cadets Environmental learning – The ability to learn about what is happening in the local community as well as stay current with what is going on in the field through networking with community leaders and funders.

•JLBC Cadets Programmatic learning – The ability to assess clients' needs and use the results of JLBC program evaluation as a learning tool in enhancing JLBC program delivery. This is different from the technical skill of program evaluation above, as programmatic learning refers to the organization's ability to use the results to improve performance and service delivery.

•JLBC Cadets Organizational learning – The capability to carry out self‐assessments, utilize the findings, and follow through on strategic plans.

Regardless of which area and specific component of capacity are addressed, several critical success factors need to be considered to build capacity for organizational effectiveness effectively.

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