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JLBC: Leadership

10. CALLING THE ROOM TO ATTENTION: When an administrator or military guest enters the classroom, the first person to see the visitor will call the room to attention. Cadets will remain attentive until the command “At Ease,” “As you were,” etc., is given. The room does not need to be called to attention if a JLBC student enters the room to deliver a note, etc., but it is better to call the room to watch if you are unsure.

Note: The Commander will call the room to attention when the Cadet Corps Commander enters the classroom.


a. Before school: Cadets may come to the classroom before school hours; however, no “horseplay” is allowed. Cadets will remain in the school or return to the Commons; in no case will loitering be allowed outside the school or in the hallways.

b. During the school day: cadets will NOT come to the JLBC classroom unless they have pre-coordinated with the SASI or ASI to work on a specific project. If allowed, the cadet will not interfere with classroom discussion.

c. Lunch: The cadet classroom is “CLOSED” for cadet use during the lunch periods.

d. After school: Only cadets involved in after-school JLBC activities should be in the classroom after school. Cadets monitoring activities will not interact or interfere with ongoing team practices (APT, Drill, Color Guard) with teams they are not a member of.

e. Cadets will NOT sit on desktops, tables, or any countertops in the classrooms.

12. TELEPHONE PROCEDURES: cadets can access a telephone in the SASI and ASI offices/classrooms. Cadets will not use the phone without the specific permission of the SASI/ASI. Calls home to pick up or obtain JLBC-related information are considered official use. The office phone is the primary phone for SASI/ASI use. Answer the JLBC phone in the following manner:

“JLBC, Cadet (your last name), how may I help you?”

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