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Cadet Platoon Commander

JLBC Cadet Platoon Commander

Serve as the senior JLBC billet holder in the class. Assist the JLBC command in the execution of the daily class schedule.

Supervise and execute JLBC platoon training following the training schedule. Supervise daily platoon formations.

Supervise the performance of the daily JLBC platoon muster and provide account information to the JLBC command at the start of each class.

Always ensure strict accountability of JLBC personnel and equipment.

Be prepared to perform JLBC administrative functions at the direction of the JLBC command. Conduct JLBC platoon uniform inspections, as required. Ensure pertinent JLBC information is passed to your platoon daily.

Lead your JLBC platoon in close order drill and physical training per the training schedule.

Serve as a comprehensive guide for each JLBC platoon member.

Personally, maintain your platoon's highest proficiency, conduct, military, bearing, and personal grooming standards.

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