Cadet organizational structure

Updated: Apr 1

Junior Leadership Bootcamp empowers kids and young adults to lead by doing, resulting in developing a cadet organizational structure. The JLBC operates as a military organization and has a cadet company staff. The Company Staff will be composed of the following cadet billets. Each rank is based on a cadet's current standing within the JLBC:

(1) Cadet Battalion Commander

(2) Cadet Company Commander

(3) Cadet Company Executive

(4) Cadet Company Operations Officer

(5) Cadet Company Logistics Officer

(6) Cadet Company Administrative Officer

(7) Cadet Company Public Affairs Officer

(8) Cadet Company Operations Chief

(9) Cadet Company Administrative Chief

(10) Cadet Company Logistics Chief

(11) Cadet Company Public Affairs Chief

The JLBC Cadet Platoon Headquarters will consist of cadet billets:

(1) Cadet Platoon Commander

(2) Cadet Platoon Sergeant

The JLBC Cadet Squads will consist of the following cadet billets:

(1) Cadet Squad Leader

(2) Cadet Squad Members

According to the JLBC unit promotion system, the actual ranks of billet holders will depend upon the cadet's position. The board assigns the JLBC company staff and other billets at the end of the year. Some cadet billets will be allocated on a rotation basis for the suitability of available cadets within each platoon to allow cadets to serve in leadership positions. Cadets must adhere to physical and academic requirements outlined in the JLBC program. The JLBC assignments are based on conduct and performance and can be changed.

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