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Cadet officers are expected to set the highest standards of conduct as they lead through their examples. As they have great responsibility regarding the JLBC Cadet Corps’ effectiveness, they are also allowed to earn several leadership honors. JLBC Commissioned Cadet officers must maintain the highest personal standards and consistently lead the JLBC Corps to retain their commissions and earn leadership honors. The number in parentheses indicates the earliest verified date of the privilege. The following Cadet officer honors are in effect:

• Command units at the platoon, company, and battalion level (1911)

• Wear the West Point sword as an arm of choice (1936)

• Wear maroon sash for informal and formal occasions (1936)

• Wear distinctive officer uniform accouterment

• Wear gold chinstrap (hatband) on service cap (1970)

• Authorization for the Battalion Command Team (BC; XO; CSM; S-3)

and Primary Staff to be billeted in West Fegan (2004)


Warrior Crest

The school mascot is the Warrior. The crest Cadets wear on their uniforms is called the Warrior Crest. New Cadets will be able to wear this emblem once they have gained and demonstrated foundational knowledge about Cadet responsibilities and expectations.

Uniform Decorations

Cadets can qualify to wear ribbons, medals, badges, and cords under the JLBC military program. Ribbons for excellence in academics, personal appearance, and conduct are authorized for wear on the daily duty uniforms. Still, they must be qualified and listed in the official Cadet Record (CADRES) through the JLBC department. JLBC Cadets must have written authorization from the JLBC Department before buying or wearing any award or decoration.

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