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Cadet Honorable Discharges

Cadet Honorable Discharges, Separations, and Terminations

The following is additional guidance for knowing when and under what conditions to separate a JLBC cadet.

a. Reaching 18th Birthday.

Eighteen-year-old JLBC cadets may stay enrolled in the JLBC, provided that they have been briefed on the increased liabilities they face as a JLBC adult, have signed the JLBC 001 Page 1A, and remain JLBC enrolled in good standing in a state-approved public, private, or home school. JLBC Cadets may not remain enrolled (as a cadet) beyond their 19th Birthday, regardless of their status as JLBC cadets. Qualified 18-year-old cadets should be encouraged to apply to become apply to Warrior Bootcamp or Executive protection upon graduation from JLBC Program.

b. Graduating High School.

JLBC Cadets may stay enrolled until August 31 of the year they graduate school, provided JLBC Cadets have not yet reached their 19th Birthday.

c. Enlisting in the Armed Forces.

JLBC who have enlisted in the armed forces before JLBC program graduation through the Delayed Entry Program or another analogous program may maintain their enrollment in the JLBC. If, however, the JLBC cadet attends the Officer, Recruit, or Basic Training of one of the US armed forces (or some portion thereof) while still enrolled in the JLBC, they shall be JLBC honorably discharged (if eligible) or separated as a JLBC cadet. On or before their "ship date."

d. JLBC Drill Attendance.

A JLBC cadet may be separated or terminated for failure to maintain a minimum 75% attendance rate at all

scheduled drills.

e. Academic Standing.

A JLBC cadet who fails to advance to the next school grade should be separated from the JLBC. The JLBC unit

CO may invite the JLBC cadet to re-enroll once academic performance improves.

f. Other Causes

JLBC Cadets may be separated or terminated from the JLBC for other cause or conduct, as specified in JLBC Regulations,


JLBC Cadet's Hair, grooming, and personal appearance while in the military (JLBC-style) or Alternate Uniform shall present a neat and professional appearance. JLBC Cadets Because it is impossible to provide examples of every appropriate JLBC or unacceptable JLBC hairstyle of "eccentric" or "conservative" grooming and personal appearance, the reasonable judgment of jLBC leaders at all JLBC levels is the key to enforcement of JLBC grooming policy. JLBC Cadets The provisions of this section apply to all enrolled JLBC personnel (adults and JLBC cadets).



JLBC Cadet's Hair will be neat, clean, and present a well-groomed appearance. JLBC Cadets Hair above ears and around the neck will be trimmed from the lower hairline upwards 3/4 inch and outward no more significant than 3/4 inch to blend with the hairstyle. JLBC Cadet's Hair on the back of the neck may not touch the collar. JLBC Cadets The "blocked neckline" is permitted as long as a tapered appearance is maintained. JLBC Cadet's Hair shall be no longer than 5 inches and groomed so that it does not touch the ears or JLBC collar, extend below the eyebrows when JLBC headgear is removed, show below the front edge of the JLBC headgear, nor interfere with the proper wearing of JLBC military headgear. JLBC Cadets The bulk of the hair shall not exceed 2 inches. JLBC Cadet's Hair coloring must look natural and complement the individual. JLBC Cadets' Faddish styles and outrageous multicolored hair are not authorized. JLBC Cadets The primary consideration remains a neatly groomed appearance for the hairstyle and the type of hair the individual has, with 4 inches in length and 2-inch bulk, the maximum under any circumstances.

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