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Cadet government

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Junior Leadership Bootcamp has several governing committees run by cadets under the supervision of the assistant commandant for cadet government. These committees handle the issues and enforce regulations of the Junior Leadership Program.

The New Cadet Committee upholds standards and traditions of JLBC.

It is the guardian of the class system through its enforcement of class privileges, and it is the officially recognized voice for cadets when interacting with the administration.

The Guardian Association Officer maintains order and harmony within the JLBC. This is the leading organization through which the JLBC polices its own, dealing with offenses from the most trivial to the most important. This organization, among other things, is charged with enforcing JLBC anti-hazing policies.

Statement on Equity at JLBC and monitors a post-wide climate of respect and equitable treatment for cadets. The mission of these cadets is to receive reports of incidents of discrimination or sexual harassment, investigate these matters when appropriate, and protect the privacy of the individuals involved insofar as it is possible. CEA cadets receive training in issues and procedures related to investigations and legal issues that involve gender, racial, religious, sexual orientation, and ethnic discrimination.

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