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Cadet Company Executive

The JLBC Cadet Company Executive officer is second in command and the principal assistant to the cadet battalion task force commander. His or her primary function is the direction and coordination of the cadet staff. He or she transmits the Task Force commander's decision to staff sections and, in the name of the task force commander, subordinate u - when applicable. The executive officer kt=ps abreast of the situation and plans and, during the commander's absence, represents him and directs action by the established policy. He or she is prepared to assume command at any time. He usually is profoundly involved in coordinating cadet Command Support Services during the preparation, planning, and recovery phases. During the simulated battle, the executive officer is generally located in the Tactical Operations Center, following the conduct of the competition, reporting to higher headquarters, keeping abreast of the situation at higher camps and on the flanks, integrating Command Support services into the overall plan, planning for future operations, and being immediately ready to take command.

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