A. The JLBC chain of command delegates exercise of authority within the JLBC command of Cadets to those cadets serving in designated leadership billets. Accordingly, subordinate cadets must respect the power wielded by cadet billet holders and follow their instruction, guidance, and direction.


The JLBC command staff will provide supervision, mentorship, and guidance for all cadets serving in leadership billets.


(1) JLBC Cadet billet holders must exercise the appropriate leadership responsibilities pertinent to their assigned JLBC leadership billet.

(2) JLBC Cadet billet holders are expected to set the highest standards of proficiency, conduct, military bearing, and personal grooming standards to provide the best possible example for their fellow cadets to follow.

(3) JLBC Cadet billet holders are responsible for exercising command, control, administration, training, and accountability of all equipment and personnel under their charge during JLBC special events, classroom activities, and extracurricular activities.

(4) JLBC Cadet billet holders are responsible for maintaining good order and discipline of their respective JLBC units.

(5) JLBC Cadet billet holders are only authorized to administer “motivational physical training” to subordinate cadets

under the direct supervision of the JLBC command.

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