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Behavior at JLBC Camp:

Behavior at JLBC Camp:

JLBC: Junior Leadership Bootcamp operates with a combination of Rules and Regulations based on management and a Trust-based relationship with fellow JLBC campers and camp staff.

"Safety First"

With this slogan as the foundation, some rules and regulations will be in place before JLBC campers arrive, and other laws will be developed by and between JLBC campers and staff.

JLBC Parents/Guardians and campers should be aware of the following adaptations from the JLBC Policy and Procedures Manual:

Cadets' good behavior is essential, and vandalism, breakage, or damage to equipment, buildings, or grounds will not be tolerated at the JLBC camp. JLBC cadets Such activity may require restitution by the parent/guardian and immediate dismissal without refund.

Bullying is contradictory to our JLBC Honor code. Thus JLBC has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for cadet bullying, including but not limited to verbal, physical, emotional, and cyberbullying. JLBC cadets, a call home will be made, and counseling offered; however, continued bullying will result in the offender being sent home without a refund.

Drugs, alcohol, vaping, and tobacco are detrimental to our ourselves and neighbors. Possession of alcohol or drugs is grounds for immediate dismissal without refund. Possession of tobacco or vaping products will result in confiscation and call home for the first offense and immediate release without refund for a second offense.


If for any reason, JLBC Youth Camp must be evacuated, JLBC campers and staff will be taken to an Alternate safe location. The urgency of the evacuation will determine which, if any, personal items are transported.

If the evacuation order includes an alternative location, JLBC cadet campers and staff will be taken to a JLBC Mobil base command.

JLBC Parents and guardians will be notified by phone and other media where to pick up their cadet's child/children. Cadets' regular check-out procedures will be followed, i.e., only parents/guardians may sign JLBC campers out unless we have a written record of another authorized person. IDs will be checked.

JLBC staff will work with emergency agencies and parents/guardians of JLBC campers that cannot be picked up promptly to coordinate safe housing.

Parents/Guardians should be aware of the following instructions to JLBC camp staff from the JLBC Employee Handbook:

DO NOT speak with a JLBC camper "in private." Always have a second staff member present.

Never agree to keep a secret.

It sounds harsh, but post-camp JLBC communications with JLBC campers are discouraged.

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