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Becoming a Better Communicator

JLBC: Becoming a Better Communicator

What You Will Learn to Do

Develop your communication skills


• barrier

• channel

• feedback

• hearing

• listening

• mixed messages

• noise

• nonverbal

• receiver

• verbal

JLBC: Becoming a Better Communicator

JLBC: Linked Core Abilities

• Build your capacity for life-long learning

• Communicate using verbal, non-verbal, visual, and

written techniques

• Take responsibility for your actions and choices

JLBC: Learning Objectives

• Compare verbal and nonverbal means of communication

• Identify the steps of effective communication

• Relate how the process of listening is essential to good


• Distinguish among the types of listening

• Identify barriers that prevent effective listening

• Explain the types of roles individuals play in a group

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