Be the Elite

Updated: Oct 29

Knowledge, Leadership, and Discipline

Junior Leadership Bootcamp provides cadets with knowledge in an environment with a greater sense of self-discipline. They are empowering cadets to be more efficient and productive. The cadets are given strategically greater responsibility and rewarded for their success. Legacy challenges empower cadets to be creative and find solutions for complex issues. Provided the information and strategies needed to achieve success through overcoming adversity. They are encouraged to obtain certifications, licenses, commissions, career positions, and continued self-discipline to succeed in their personal and professional endeavors. The knowledge provided through guided lectures and diverse hands-on training provides the competencies to apply such knowledge for the benefit, safety, and well-being of others and the desire and drive to continue accumulating knowledge throughout life.

Junior Leadership Boot Camp empowers cadets to be future leaders. Whether the knowledge is absorbed, studied, or gained through adversity or hardship, the cadet gains confidence to solve complex problems. They learn courage, decisiveness, dependability, bearing, endurance, enthusiasm, initiative, integrity, judgment, justice, loyalty, and unselfishness.

Junior Leadership Boot Camp provides self-discipline through instructing close-order drills and military self-defense techniques. Cadets learn martial arts and physical conditioning for all ages, from children to teens. The instruction is designed to work with the cadet's current physical fitness level and progressively advance as the cadet becomes stronger. The cadet can expect to achieve increased concentration and self-confidence. The exercises can also lead to better weight control and stress management. In addition, the skills that are practiced help cadets overcome negative attitudes and habits, which can lead to improved grades in school. The cadets work as a team and compete in events, competitions, and tournaments.

Be the Elite

The United States Military selects, trains, and equips only the elite, the best and brightest men and women possible. Junior Leadership Bootcamp trains cadets to excel under pressure and become physically conditioned to compete on an elite level.

Junior Leadership Bootcamp will prepare you for the most physically difficult experiences of your life. Get the training needed to succeed. Junior Leadership Bootcamp trains cadets to be focused and show the mental and physical fortitude to succeed, and demonstrate the attributes valued by elite organizations. Get rewarded with an invigorating training pipeline that will change your lives.


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