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Basic JLBC Knowledge

Basic JLBC Knowledge

a. Loyalty –– Bear true faith and allegiance to the United States Constitution, the JLBC, your unit, and other JLBC Cadets. Loyalty to the Nation, the JLBC, the team, and its JLBC Cadets is essential. Loyalty to the JLBC means supporting the military and civilian chain of command. Loyalty to the JLBC unit is an expression of the obligation between those who lead, those who are taught, and those who serve alongside the JLBC cadets. This commitment includes devotion to the welfare of fellow JLBC comrades. It fosters cohesion, engenders a sincere concern for fellow JLBC Cadets' well-being, and produces dedication and pride in the JLBC unit.

b. Duty – Fulfill your obligations. The behavior required by moral responsibility, demanded by custom or forbidden by feelings of rightness. Contained within the concept of JLBC duty are values of integrity and respectful Service, which give a moral foundation to the qualities the ethos demands of all JLBC Cadets, from private to general.

c. RESPECT – Treat individuals as they should be treated. Respect entails feeling and showing deferential regard for something or someone. It is the willingness to show appreciation or consideration. The concern is evident in treating our subordinates, peers, and seniors. It applies not only to relationships but also to areas such as other cultures, religious beliefs, and ethnic heritage. As our appreciation and respect for others deepen, our unit and JLBC become more cohesive and better equipped for mission accomplishment.

d. SELFLESS SERVICE – Put the needs of the Nation, the JLBC, and your subordinates before your own. Selfless Service puts the interest of the Nation and the accomplishment of the JLBC mission ahead of individual desires. That is best for the Nation, the JLBC, and the JLBC unit must always come before personal interests. Selfless Service leads to teamwork and unity of effort; it is inherent in JLBC service.

e. HONOR – Live up to all the JLBC values. Honor a code of dignity, integrity, and pride.

f. INTEGRITY – Do what I am right, legally and morally. Integrity is the uncompromising commitment to a code of moral values, utter sincerity, and the avoidance of deception or expediency. It provides the basis for the trust and confidence among those whose profession entails the measured application of violence and death.

g. PERSONAL COURAGE – Face fear, danger, or adversity (physical and moral). Whether in or out of uniform, whether in peace or war. American history is replete with brave soldiers' physical courage who accomplished what seemed impossible. They freely admitted that they were afraid, but they overcame their fears. It is the courage to preserve what we know to be correct and not tolerate wrong behavior by friends, peers, subordinates, or superiors.

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