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Bad Attitudes Bad Apples

When somebody on the team has a critical spirit, everybody knows it because everyone can do no right.

A desire to hog all the credit. This person steps to the front and takes a bow, whether he earned it. The most critical measure of how good a game I played was how better I‘d made my teammates play.

Most bad attitudes are a result of being self-centered.

Rotten Attitudes, Left Alone, Ruin Everything.

Bad attitudes must be addressed because they cause contention, resentment, combativeness, and division on a team. And they will never go away on their own if they are left unaddressed. They will decay and ruin a team and its chance of reaching its potential.

Attitude colors Everything a person does. It determines how an individual sees their surroundings and interacts with other individuals. A person’s perspective—positively if it’s good, negatively if it’s not—always impacts his performance, regardless of talent, track record, or circumstances.

If you want to give your JLBC team the best chance for success, then practice the Bad Apple. Trade your bad apples for good ones, and you have an opportunity to ruin a team.

If you think you have a bad apple on your team, you need to take the person aside and discuss the situation with them; doing it the right way is essential. Take the high road.

However, if it turns out that your perception was correct and the person’s attitude is the problem, give him clear expectations and an opportunity to change. Then hold him accountable. If he changes, it’s a win for the team if he doesn’t remove from the group.

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