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Authentic Authority: The Power of Creativity and Connection to the Deep Self

Title: Authentic Authority: The Power of Creativity and Connection to the Deep Self


Authority is a concept that often elicits mixed reactions, especially when it comes to discussing those who wield power in various societal structures. This uneasiness can be attributed to some individuals or institutions' frequent misuse of authority. However, it is essential to remember that management has its roots in words like "author," "augment," and "authentic." By delving deeper into the nature of authentic authority, we can understand how creativity and connection to our inner selves can shape the way we wield power in our lives.

The Origin of Authority

The word "authority" can be traced back to the Latin "auctor," which means "creator" or "originator." This etymology emphasizes the creative aspect of authority, highlighting the idea that actual authority arises from the act of creation. In this light, authority is a natural extension of one's ability to innovate and bring new ideas or solutions.

Authentic Authority and Creativity

Authentic authority, as opposed to the traditional concept of power and control, is rooted in the creative process. It involves tapping into one's deeper self, discovering the unique potential that lies within, and using that potential to make a meaningful impact. This form of authority is characterized by the ability to express simple ideas and create something that resonates with others profoundly.

The Deep Self: A Source of Authentic Authority

Our deep self, often hidden beneath social conditioning and expectation, is the wellspring of our innate creativity and authentic authority. By connecting with this part of ourselves, we can access a reservoir of wisdom and inspiration that transcends conventional societal norms. This connection allows us to act with true originality and create a lasting impact in the world.

The Power of Authentic Authority

We can develop a greater sense of purpose and direction when we embrace our authentic authority and tap into our creative potential. Instead of being limited by societal expectations and power dynamics constraints, we can forge our own path and inspire others to follow suit. This form of authority is not about exerting control over others but empowering ourselves and those around us to live more meaningful lives.


Authentic authority is a powerful concept that encourages us to look beyond the traditional notion of power and control. By focusing on the roots of authority in creativity and connection to our deeper selves, we can begin to wield power in a more genuine and impactful way. Through this form of authority, we can face the inevitable inequities of life and create lasting change in the world. Let us embrace our authentic authority and rediscover the true potential within each of us.

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