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Updated: Oct 30, 2022


One of the keys to success in JLBC Junior Leadership Bootcamp and every area of life is being present, on time, and prepared. Cadets at JLBC - Junior Leadership Bootcamp attend the program and must be on time. Regular attendance is the cadet's and parent's responsibility.

Each day that a cadet is absent from the program, parents are encouraged to call the JLBC administrator by text, email, or phone call numbers between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to report the absence.

Upon returning from an absence, all cadets must check in with the JLBC administration office via phone to receive a re-admit slip whether the class meets that day. If a note is required, it must state the student's name, the date of the absence, and the specific reason for the absence. Parents/legal guardians are the persons authorized to call in or write and sign student notes.

Cadets may make up homework missed quizzes, tests, and assignments for excused absences. Students may also check instructors' websites. It is the responsibility of students to make up all work missed and to find out from the teacher what their assignments, tests, etc. were. Cadets have the number of days equal to the number of excused absences plus one for the absent weeks. Failure to make up work in the designated time results in an "I" for the missed appointment. Cadets will have opportunities to make up tests and quizzes immediately upon returning from one day's absence. In the case of long-term absence, special arrangements are to be acceptable by the teacher and administration.

If the cadet is absent three (3) or more days, parents may call the administration office to request homework assignments.

Extended absences of five (5) days may require a doctor's note to be excused. All attendance problems are brought to the attention of the administration and counseling office. Further action may be taken as necessary. Recurring absences and tardiness will affect the academic progress of students and will make it very difficult for them to keep up on the classroom with assignments. In the case of prolonged absence due to illness, special arrangements to complete class credits, acceptable to the principal and the teachers, must be made.

All program days on the JLBC calendar are considered full days unless otherwise specified through newsletters of special events. All minimum days, final weeks, and activity days are compulsory attendance days.

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