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As leaders, we often take on more and more responsibilities

JLBC: Time Wasters

As leaders, we often take on more and more responsibilities. These additional responsibilities take up time. Time is probably one of our most valuable resources. By learning to manage time, we are not only able to take care of our responsibilities, but we will also be less stressed.

One way to manage time is to identify our goals. Once these have been identified, time management becomes a process of allocating time to important tasks. Effective time management means scheduling projects throughout the day, week, month, and year. Incentives all affect one's level of motivation.



Of the five, what is your biggest time waster? Why?

Why is time such a valuable resource?

Which time-wasters were the biggest problems for the overall group? Why?


What can you do to eliminate time wasters from your life?

How can we be more aware of our time doing different life activities?

Will our time wasters change as we grow older? Why or why not? How can prioritizing our goals save time?

OBJECTIVES: For youth to:

identify activities and distractions that waste time. Brainstorm different ways to manage time.

Learn that time is a valuable resource.


Time management.


Copies of TIME WASTERS Activity Sheet for each youth Copies of ELIMINATING TIME WASTERS Information Sheet for each youth

Pens or Pencils

Flip chart or dry-erase board


TIME: 20 minutes


Comfortable room with tables and chairs.

Distribute TIME WASTERS Activity Sheet to participants.

Have a youth read the list of typical time wasters and place a check before their five most significant time wasters. If any time wasters are missing, have the child add them to the bottom of the list.

After the youth have filled out the sheet, have the group determine the group's five central time wasters.

Using the flip chart or board, brainstorm and write down different strategies that can be used to save time.

Hand out copies of the ELIMINATING TIME WASTERS Information Sheet and discuss with participants.

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