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Appendix F: Strategic Action Plan

Appendix F: Strategic Action Plan

The strategic action plan outlines the key steps JLBC Cadet Corps needs to take to enter and establish itself in the market successfully. These steps are based on the strategies identified in the market entry strategy section.

I. Curriculum Development:

  1. Identify gaps in the current curriculum by gathering feedback from recent participants, law enforcement and education experts, and community members.

  2. Design and develop new curriculum components to fill identified gaps and meet market needs, including creating a more dynamic and specialized curriculum.

  3. Test the new curriculum components through pilot programs and gather feedback for refinement.

  4. Fully implement the new curriculum and provide training to all instructors.

II. Implementing a Blended Learning Model:

  1. Research and identify suitable online platforms to facilitate the delivery of digital learning content.

  2. Develop online versions of curriculum components, including interactive activities and resources.

  3. Train instructors and participants in using the online platform and digital resources.

  4. Implement and monitor the blended learning model, making adjustments as needed.

III. Marketing and Promotion:

  1. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan, including strategies for reaching the target demographic through various channels like social media, local events, schools, and community organizations.

  2. Implement the marketing plan, tracking its effectiveness and making necessary adjustments.

  3. Actively promote the unique aspects of the JLBC Cadet Corps, such as its comprehensive approach to law enforcement education and community involvement.

IV. Financial Management:

  1. Monitor and manage costs effectively, seeking opportunities to minimize costs where possible.

  2. Explore opportunities for increasing revenue, such as applying for grants, seeking sponsorships, and expanding the sale of curriculum and publications.

  3. Regularly conduct financial analyses to ensure the program remains financially viable and sustainable.

This strategic action plan provides a roadmap for the JLBC Cadet Corps to implement its market entry strategy and achieve its goals successfully. The project should be regularly reviewed and adjusted as necessary to respond to changes in the market and the organization's needs.

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