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Appendix C: Survey Results

Appendix C: Survey Results

As part of the market research, a survey was conducted among current and past participants of the JLBC Cadet Corps and parents or guardians. Here is a summary of the main findings:

A. Participant Satisfaction:

  1. 85% of the participants reported being very satisfied with the program.

  2. 10% reported being somewhat happy.

  3. 5% reported neutral satisfaction.

B. Reasons for Joining:

  1. 70% joined because of their interest in law enforcement.

  2. 20% bound to improve their leadership skills.

  3. 10% joined due to recommendations from friends or family members.

C. Aspects Liked the Most:

  1. 45% liked the practical training sessions the most.

  2. 35% enjoyed the community service activities.

  3. 20% favored the theoretical learning aspect of law enforcement.

D. Areas for Improvement:

  1. 50% of participants would like more online learning options.

  2. 30% would like to see a more specialized curriculum.

  3. 20% asked for more hands-on activities or field trips.

E. Likelihood to Recommend:

  1. 90% of participants said they would highly recommend the JLBC Cadet Corps to others.

  2. 7% were neutral.

  3. 3% were unlikely to recommend it.

These survey results provide valuable insights into participant satisfaction and preferences and highlight potential areas for program improvement.

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