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An Attitude Compounds

An Attitude Compounds (multiplies) When Exposed to fellow team members. Several things on a JLBC team are not contagious. Talent, willingness to practice, experience, However you can be sure of one thing: Attitude is catching.

Attitude and actions compound when exposed to others.

Bad Attitudes Compound Faster Than Good Ones.

For some reason, many individuals think it's chic to be negative. I suspect that they believe that makes them appear bright or essential. A negative attitude hurts the person who has it. It also hurts the people around him.

Illustration at a ball game of people getting sick. The announcer announced that food at one vendor was tainted. Over 200 were suddenly ill with food poisoning. Then they found out the five ate contaminated potato salad from a deli on the way to the ballpark. All of a sudden, 200 made miraculous recoveries. That goes to show you that an attitude spreads very quickly.

Attitudes are Subjective

Have you ever interacted with a person for the first time and suspected that his attitude was negative, yet you could not put your finger on exactly what was wrong?

People with a bad attitude may not do anything illegal or unethical. Yet members' philosophy may be ruining the JLBC team just the same.

Individuals always project on the outside how they feel on the inside. Attitude is really about how an individual is. Here are some common rotten attitudes that can ruin a team. Perhaps this will help you recognize them then you see them.

Failing to forgive Holding a grudge is never positive or appropriate. When a lack of forgiveness occurs between teammates, it will hurt the team.

Petty Jealousy. An attitude that works against the individual is the desire for equality that feeds petty jealousy. For some reason, the individual with this attitude believes that every person deserves equal treatment, regardless of talent, performance, or impact. Each of us is created distinctly and performs differently, and as a result, we should be treated as such.

The Disease of Me. People who develop an overpowering belief in their importance. This disease always leads to the Defeat of Us.

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