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Always wanted your teens to take an ROTC class.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

My husband is teaching this class. This is an excellent alternative if you’re a homeschool parent and have always wanted your teens to take an ROTC class.

Open enrollment - class starts next Tuesday.

Are you interested in a PE class taught by a retired U.S. Marine? Then Junior Leadership Bootcamp is for you. Your students will learn discipline, leadership skills, team building, and proper fitness techniques. They will also learn military drills and formation.

This is a 15-week course that meets once per week. Classes are 1 1/2 hrs and meet in Riverside. PM me, Griselda Carlson, for more information or to enroll.

Class begins January 18, 2022

The cost is $500. Payment plans are available. Enrollment is limited. PM Griselda Carlson immediately to hold your spot.

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