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All cadets need to be reminded of JLBC safety procedures.

All cadets need to be reminded of JLBC safety procedures.

Tampering. JLBC Cadets, any evidence of tampering with the control markers will nullify the JLBC competition. Further, any JLBC cadet(s) found purposely marking the JLBC location of any JLBC markers, such as drawing arrows in the dirt or stacking rocks nearby of a feature, will be disqualified.

Visual Aids. Using binoculars, monoculars, or telescopes to locate JLBC control markers is strictly prohibited. A JLBC team is expected to use their orienteering skills and decision-making processes to find the control markers.

JLBC Global Positioning Systems (GPS). JLBC Cadets, the use of GPS devices of any kind by JLBC competitors is prohibited. These devices in possession of a JLBC competitor are not permitted on the JLBC course.

JLBC Teams. A JLBC team may consist of pairs of two cadets currently enrolled in their Charters or Home Schools JLBC program. Under no circumstances will a couple split up to better their time.

JLBC Maps. Two (2) maps (control and safety) will be issued to each JLBC team upon check-in before departing on JLBC Cadets run. JLBC Cadets' both maps must be returned upon completion of that JLBC team's run. If either map is not returned, then that team will be disqualified. This prevents teams from passing maps onto other groups and promotes the importance of safeguarding the spare map.

Course Difficulty and Entry. There will be NO White (Basic) Course competition for all qualifier and championship competitions. Unless otherwise announced, the Orange (Competition) Course will open at the time prescribed by the host unit.

Electronic Communication Devices. Only the host unit cadet workers and instructors, or any host unit cadets or instructors dispatched to locate missing team members, will be permitted to use communication devices during the competition on the course.

Payment. All units should make an effort to pay team fees in advance. The entry deadline will typically be one (1) week before a competition. If units have paid in advance or otherwise committed, they will have an "X" number of teams in the contest and will be charged for those teams. Entry fees are not refundable.


the same unit shall not be close to each other such that the following would be of concern.

Shall include GPS watches that track a competitor's course. Each meet location has multiple methods. Over time the use of these devices can compromise these courses and provide a

competitive advantage. These devices are permitted at orienteering events open to the public, and any JLBC cadets who wish to hone their orienteering skills can do so there.

Host JLBC Program will use the schedule listed in this SOP. (SOP). For Score-O competition scheduling shall ensure:

Start times equally distribute the teams throughout the event.

Showtimes are at (10) to (15) minute intervals depending on the number of entries. Teams from the same unit start at different times. However, if necessary, based on travel, time, and meeting scheduling considerations, a limited number of multiple teams from the same unit may start simultaneously.

Every effort is made to accommodate early/late start times for those JLBC programs traveling long distances. (This will depend on how soon the host unit receives the entry form).

With the exception, of course, officials.

Teams from safety personnel, no competitors or instructors are permitted on the course before starting that JLBC unit's teams. JLBC Cadets who are acting in an official capacity are allowed on the course.

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