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Advanced classes

  1. Class 601: Advanced Drill and Ceremony: This class will further develop the cadets' knowledge and skills in military drills and ceremonies, focusing on conducting and leading training.

  2. Class 602: Outdoor Expedition Training: Cadets will learn about planning and executing expeditions in various terrains. They will practice camping skills, wildlife awareness, and safety precautions.

  3. Class 701: Basic Fieldcraft and Camouflage: Cadets will be taught basic fieldcraft skills like constructing field shelters, camouflage techniques, and stealth movements.

  4. Class 702: Basic Weaponry and Marksmanship: This class will provide a comprehensive introduction to the safe handling and maintenance of weapons and basic marksmanship training.

  5. Class 801: Aerospace Education: This class will offer an overview of aviation and space exploration history, flight principles, and aerospace careers.

  6. Class 802: National Defense Structure: Cadets will learn about the structure and function of the country's national defense system, including the roles and responsibilities of different military branches.

  7. Class 901: Communication and Public Speaking: This class will focus on developing cadets' communication skills, focusing on public speaking, writing, and interpersonal communication.

  8. Class 902: Cybersecurity Basics: Cadets will be introduced to the basics of cybersecurity, including network protection, password management, and data privacy.

  9. Class 1001: Capstone Leadership Project: In this class, cadets will use the knowledge and skills they've gained throughout the program to complete a leadership project, either individually or as a group.

  10. Class 1002: Preparation for Active Service: This final class will prepare cadets for possible active service, covering the recruitment process, military lifestyle, and expectations and offering guidance on potential career paths.

These advanced classes help cadets specialize their skills according to their interests and career aspirations while also building a solid general knowledge and abilities foundation.

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