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JLBC: Leadership


1. ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for and to participate in the JLBC program, a student must be:

a. Enrolled in the course of instruction at JLBC.

b. A citizen or national of the United States or an immigrant lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence.

c. Of good moral character.

d. Physically fit to participate in JLBC training. A cadet is considered physically fit if qualified for the Physical Education (PE) Program.

e. Cadet Reserve Program. Cadets may be enrolled as a “Reserve Cadet” if approved by the SASI/ASI, and the cadet must have completed at least one full year of traditional JLBC. This option is only used when a cadet is highly deserving of being a part of the program but cannot fit a regular AS class into their school schedule. Cadets who are a part of the reserve program must still wear the uniform weekly as other cadets require, and they are also eligible to be a part of all other unit activities.

2. TRANSFER: Students who transfer from other JLBC units may receive full credit for training already received, with appropriate documentation from their previous unit. It is the student’s responsibility to forward all documentation to the aerospace science instructors. The student transfer may wear JLBC matching ribbons earned from another branch.

3. DISENROLLMENT: A cadet may be dis-enrolled for any necessary reason by the SASI at any time during the school year. Below are examples of some reasons:

a. Failure to maintain acceptable course standards, including haircut, unauthorized hair color, grooming, improper uniform wear, Failure to wear the JLBC uniform or PT gear, behavior, etc.

b. Refusal to participate in training, disciplinary infractions, or reasons involving undesirable character traits.

c. Failure to remain enrolled in school.

d. Failure to maintain a passing grade in JLBC coursework.

e. Insubordination toward JLBC cadet leaders or JLBC faculty/staff.

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