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A Warrior’s Mind

A Warrior’s Mind

Become an avid student of your future profession and once you are in your career, encourage the younger members of your job.

Provoke others to think outside of the day-to-day duties that often absorb us. It allows us to understand the larger context of our profession, strategic cultures, organization strategy, and societal issues—which impact the training for and conduct of operations and broader affairs. Reading also provides the practitioner with an opportunity for vicarious learning through their studying the ‘breadth and depth’ of the history of their profession.

Reading is the spark that causes people to pursue lifelong personal and professional development. Reading evokes an onerous connotation these days. There is too much information, and many get caught up in other activities that are much more entertaining. Reading has a deeper meaning and more excellent internal value. We learn from our own mistakes and experiences instead of learning from others, which could make us much better at a much less cost. A Chinese proverb

says, “Average people learn from their own mistakes, wise people learn from others’ mistakes, fools learn from neither.”

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