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A virtual meeting room where JLBC Cadet Corps cadets gather for a fun operational discussion

Setting: A virtual meeting room where JLBC Cadet Corps cadets gather for a fun operational security discussion.

Cadet A: Hey, everyone, let's talk about operational security today!

Cadet B: Sounds good! But what is operational security?

Cadet A: Operational security or OPSEC protects critical information by preventing potential adversaries from obtaining that information. Maintaining OPSEC in our operations is essential to protect ourselves and our mission.

Cadet C: That sounds serious. How do we make it fun?

Cadet A: Well, we could play a game of "Guess the Secret Mission."

Cadet D: How does that work?

Cadet A: Okay, here's how it goes. Each of us will write down a secret mission on a piece of paper, and then we'll put them in a hat. We'll then take turns picking out an assignment and reading it aloud; the others will have to guess the mission.

Cadet E: That sounds like fun! But how does it relate to OPSEC?

Cadet A: Well, during the game, we'll have to be careful not to reveal any information that could give away the mission. We must keep our responses vague and non-specific to avoid disclosing sensitive information.

Cadet F: I get it now! Let's play!

(The cadets write down their secret missions and put them in the hat. They take turns picking out an assignment and trying to guess what it's all about without revealing sensitive information.)

Cadet G: This is harder than I thought! But it's also a lot of fun.

Cadet H: I agree! It's a great way to learn about OPSEC without feeling like a chore.

Cadet I: I see how this game would be helpful in real-life missions. It's all about keeping the information secure and protecting our mission.

Cadet J: Absolutely! And the best part is we can use this game to reinforce the importance of OPSEC to our fellow cadets.

Cadet A: That's the spirit! Now, who's up for another round?

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